Realtime chat system using Php and Ajax with MySQL

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In this artical we will discuss about a realtime chat system using Php and Ajax with MySQL. Realtime chat mean you can view the updated messages without reloading or refreshing the page.

We used basically 6 technologies to made this basic realtime chat system.

  1. HTML: 

    Html usedn in this realtime chat application to make the markup for this system. Html element is used to make visualization on the web page.

  2. CSS: 

    CSS is used to beautify the design to feel much better. To implement colurs and fonts I used CSS in this realtime chat system.

  3. Php: 

    Php is used for server side communication in this realtime chat syatem. Php help to communicate with database to fetch or store messages. In login, registration and session php is also used in this basic realtime chat system. We need a server side language to make the things dynamic thats by we used php for that. There are more server side languages for this but we used php for better understanding.

  4. MySQL: 

    MySql database is used to store data in database. MySql work well with php and to store data in well organized order.

  5. jQuery: 

    jQuery used in this realtime chat application to call ajax to function to fetch and store the data in database tables.

  6. Ajax: 

    Ajax is used in this realtime chat application to call php functions to interact with MySql database without reloading the web page. Ajax play important role in realtime dyanamic things to store aur fetch data or to perform any other operation.

I created 10 files to manage properly for this realtime chat system with php and ajax using mysql which is follows as:

  • index.php: for opening screen, based on the login or sessions it will redirect you to another page.
  • signup.php: for registering an account with input information about you. Currently we are not verifying email with registration. It is for testing and learning purpose to make a realtime chat system with php and ajax with mysql.
  • login.php: This file will make your login with your signup credentials.
  • config.php: to store the database detail and to connect with database.
  • logout.php: To logout and destroy the sessions.
  • chat.php: to fetch all users with pendig count seen chat message.
  • chat-box.php: It is used to make realtime chat dyanamically. Based on your selected chat it will open the specific with your choosed user.
  • ajax-chat.php: This files manage the realtime operation, when we submit new message this file call and fetch all record from the databse at realtime. This file play major role to make realtime chat system.
  • style.css: To make the things beautifull and make better visual appereance.
  • style-chat-box.css: To make style of chat box page.

That was the total files which used in this realtime chat system using php and ajax with mysql. there are anothe file to import databse tables.

You can downlod this realtime chat system with php using by click on the below link.

Download Realtime Chat System using Php and Ajax.

Sunny Chaudhary
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