Facebook Page Organic Reach is Dead. It’s Time To Embrace Paid Facebook Ads.

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Organic reach is dead. Long live paid engagement.

That’s right Facebook marketers, the good days of reaching your audience through growth hacks and high-quality content are over.

Sure, these tactics still help you marginally, but you’ll never be able to drive mass amounts of sales or significantly grow traffic with them.

So what do we do now? Simple: we need to move to paid ads.

Paid advertising is a new reality on Facebook, and you need it to grow your audience. In this article, we’ll discuss why that is and how your brand can embrace our new, paid advertising-centric reality on Facebook.

But why is organic reach dead?

Well, let’s look at the news.

Facebook announced huge changes to its Newsfeed algorithm earlier this year, wherein content from publishers was going to be given lesser priority than content from groups and friends. Facebook-branded this as a change that makes Facebook content more “meaningful” than before.

And this is an understandable change. For years, Facebook Newsfeeds were flooded with memes, news stories, and content from pages. Rarely did you ever see content from your friends or family members, and even less did you see content from local news sources.

Facebook also announced a statement that discusses how they’re reducing engagement bait. In short, engagement bait is when Facebook pages encourage you to react to, comment on or share a post. For example, posts that encourage reactions as “votes”.

In reality, these changes have really hurt brands and publishers on Facebook.

In fact, some publishers have been forced to shutter after the recent changes. Other pages have seen a 20%+ drop in engagement since the new algorithm went into effect.

But not all pages are hurting.

Months after the algorithm went into effect, Facebook announced that local news pages would actually be given an upside in the new change.

Additionally, Facebook groups have been pushed to the top of the Newsfeed, giving brands some sort of relief when it comes to Facebook organic reach.

But even with that in mind, the vast majority of Facebook pages are still hurting after the algorithm change. And that’s where paid ads come into play.

Enter Facebook ads

Some believe that there’s an ulterior motive behind Facebook’s algorithm change: to push Facebooks ads. After all, Facebook needs your money, and paid ads are a definite way for brands to get their engagement numbers back.

In short, you pay Facebook a certain amount of money to promote your page or its content to a targeted group of users without the need for organic reach tactics.

This gives you more freedom to customize your content and gives you peace of mind that your posts are in front of the eyes of potential new fans.

Luckily, Facebook ads aren’t expensive.

You can specifically target ads to a specific group of people based on demographic and profile information, so you’re not wasting money putting your ads in front of the wrong eyes.

Further, you can run a Facebook ad with just $1 and scale up. Start low, and slowly ramp up your advertisements as you find what works for your brand.

Facebook has been slowly adding new features (like Transparency Tools) to its ads platform too, further incentivizing brands to get on the paid engagement bandwagon.

Sunny Chaudhary
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