Facebook is Testing New, More Animated, Reactions

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According to the back-end code of the app, Facebook is working on some new variations of its Reactions animations, giving them a new color gradient and a more animated feel.

As you can see in this tweet, shared by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, the new color styles add more depth to the images, and make them a little more cartoonish.

For reference, here’s what the current Reactions look like.

It would be a fairly minor change, but a relevant one to note, as your Reactions may suddenly look different in the coming months.

Would anyone actually care?

Obviously, there are some people for whom Reactions have become a key feature, and reports last year indicated that Reactions use is steadily increasing over time (particularly the ‘Angry’ Reaction). Facebook has also made Reactions a more significant signal than a basic Like in the News Feed algorithm, so there’s also a practical, reach benefit from the option, which, for marketers, could provide more incentive to try and drive more Reactions from your audience.

It’s also becoming more habitual over time – with the capability to use Reactions in Instagram and Facebook Stories, as well as in the main feed, people are becoming more accustomed to their application. That’s likely why LinkedIn decided to introduce its own variation of the same, catering to the broader trend.

The new animations, of course, likely won’t change any of this, but it is worth noting that the update, if rolled out, would be of relevance to a growing number of users as they go about their day-to-day Facebook usage.

Sunny Chaudhary
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